Lorena: Mapping

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For my mapping, I have been collecting images from occurrences or life experiences that have not only affected the person that I am today, but ultimately the work I make. I'm in the process of obtaining photographs, and text that influence my work. This process has included researching photographs from the civil war in El Salvador, the earthquake that happened in 1986 (because I was alive there when these events happened. I can't deny that they have not influenced me) Photographs from my childhood, places I've been, books I have read, works of art I admire, people I admire, text that has changed the way I think, ideologies I hold closely, and all the others things that influence my stream of work. I haven't decided how I'm actually going to present this, but I might make a box where all these photographs, texts, and events fit perfectly. I might also either hang them or arrange them in a way in my studio too. (I was also looking at interactive maps online, but I see Jim is thinking of doing that. haha) .

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