Lorena, Week 5: Label

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I didn't reply to your email, because I know what I would say. Europe must seem nostalgic this time of year. The cool breeze is enticing, bringing back memories of us. I know you want to bring me with you on it. You always did and I always let you. I am a sucker for things that I can't trap. Your regret will keep you coming back to me. Drop me in the Channel. Leave me there to die. See the image of me drowning in the deep waters. I don't want you to carry me anymore, I am getting so heavy and you're getting tired. I want you to enjoy the hot summer nights, to breathe and feel the calmness of the mornings. And when the weather gets cooler, I want you to have somebody warm to hold. I am happy to know that you're figuring things out. I am happy you're now doing things for you. Be selfish. Don't answer your phone if you don't want to, and only go home when you're ready. But please drop me in the water. I never really learned to swim, and now I don't want to.

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This is really complex and the first-person address you're using really draws me in, both as an audience for this narrative and as someone who has struggled in long distance relationships.

It keeps me off-balance in a way that's challenging, but makes me want to know more, simultaneously revealing a lot and calls into question the web of relationships involved - the artist, the "you," and me.

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