Lorena: Week 6. Label

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Forgetful pain.

I stepped outside and felt the harshness of the cold air make my bones hurt. My hands feel numb. I know this is not the worse yet, I know more is soon about to come. Yet, I'm finding comfort in not knowing how bad it can feel. This must be one of the best things. Obliviousness. To not know. To not know how bad something can hurt. It's just like being a baby. Curiously, dangerously learning how to walk, not knowing that if you fall, it can hurt really bad. The thing about babies is that they soon forget about pain, and do instinctively what hurt them in the first place. Dogs have this beautiful naiveness too. To hurt and then forget. How great must that feel, but then again, they don't remember. Memory is a silly thing, because we actually don't remember the actual pain, but we have the gist of it... and that's enough to prevent us or to teach us not to do certain things. We store and file these memories of pain, so we know what to expect if something like that happens again. So here I found the beauty of amnesia. To hurt all you can, but never ever recollect.

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