Lorena, Week 7: Label

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My Practice:

When I first started taking photographs a lot of planning went into them. From the location, the outfits, the model, etc. I was constructing these images of what I imagined to be stills from my own made up movies. The characters were always caught in these states of between, where something had either just happened or was about to happen. The aesthetics, composition of the photograph were always very important, I also cared that the photograph was a nice photograph to look at. I am sure I was following the steps of Gregory Crewson or Jeff Wall without knowing who Gregory Crewson and Jeff Wall were. Looking at them now, they seem naïve and sort of adorable. I can't say that they are "pretty", because they have this kind of darkness, heaviness, disturbness and longing in them. The self-portraits I was taking during that same time had the same qualities as well. I guess, where I'm going with this is that I am amazed how much my photographs have changed since them. Not only the subject I choose to photograph, but my whole process of how I take photographs. My priorities have changed too.

I can start by saying that not as much planning goes into them. I usually throw myself in a situation, without much of expectations of the image I hope to get. When I was shooting with film for the Long Beach series, I would only take two frames at the end of my interactions with the people I was meeting. "1 more just in case." My Professor at the time hated when I would tell him that. He would say, "What happens if you don't get it. You probably won't see that person again?" in which instance I would always answer it, "then I didn't get it." My photographs at that point became more spontaneous, depended on intuition and the experience itself. They have remained this way. "Aesthetically pleasing" images as people call it, are never the most important thing for me. It is not what I work for. Yet, in my last series I am constantly finding beauty in the ordinary every day things that happen in front of me. Not planning, but accepting it when it happens. I find this process comforting and one that works just right for me.

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