Lorena, Week: 8 Mapping

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I never realized how messy my mapping practice would look when put together.
I guess a person who is not me would make it look more organized.
A person who is not me would have better writing.
But organization and good penmanship is not important to me. The good thing is that the lines align, they meet in many places; this is good because it proves for once that my practice is not wondering aimlessly.

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More photos/close ups:








Some extension:

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Lorena, first, great foundation in your format and research. Love that you are orienting the project around your medium. Also really like how the piece could expand/contract from a box to an exploded wall piece. Just today I was talking about the importance of messiness :).

I'm glad that this assignment is helping you see alignments in your practice, and looking forward to seeing this writ large. Are you thinking to expand? Would love to see further annotation and digressions. For example, would be great for you further tease apart the connection between loneliness and bothering your neighbors. I can also imagine sub-maps on longing, fear, vulnerability...


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