Mara and Chris, week 8, Mapping Kiki Smith and "Kitchen"

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We will likely have a couple postings about our map...Sorry to add to the clutter!

Kiki Smith Mapping.jpg

Click HERE to link to a web document Mara and I have collaborated on with the mapping task in mind. This is an in-progress snapshot, so what you see will not be what you get!

So if you click the link the image you see is somewhat interactive. There are links imbedded which take you to some websites about what we were thinking. For example, if you click on the coffin, you will be linked to a wikipedia site for the human condition. Our logic here is the presence of life and death simultaneously in many of Kiki Smith's figures and arguably in her installation "Kitchen".

We talked about being able to view the space in "Kitchen" in various lenses of maps. Where does she spend her time? How would this translate into a thermal image (ie- infrared house background). In this sense the image before you is more of a key or legend than anything. It is a starting point through which you could access what we thought about this installation.

See other postings for further explanations/reasoning/thoughts.

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