Mara: Week 5 Label

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Agave & White Lilly

Sitting in the warm glow of this luminous aura I sink deeper into the cushion of my pillow. The lit candle emanates a heady scent; growing thicker and sweeter the longer it burns. The liquid hot wax melts and tempts my fingers it is glorious in this transitory state. With the lights off the flame creates flickering patterns across the walls. In the candle lit room I feel like I have been cloaked in a warm blanket and in this cocooned stupor I sit and let my thoughts wash over me. Nothing sinks in just hovers over the surface flashes of the day pass by; forgotten responsibilities tempt this moment but nothing has a grasp on my thoughts, as my eyelids grow heavy. I enjoy moments right before sleep. Resigning all leftover tasks to the next day. Just before I slip into a deep sleep I lean over and blow out the glittering flame. Smoke plumes from the wick and wafts through the air. Darkness seeps through the room. I slide deeper under the cover and curl up pulling myself further in and rest my eyes.

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