Mara Week 6 Label

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A Page from Mara's Sketchbook

Goal: Produce work on various new mediums. Rediscover my hand in the work and push content past the tipping point. Make something everyday! Small collages, large process pieces. Work on an in process piece for at least a year.

Purpose: Working independently in my studio. Classes should be something to acquire skills/experiment with materials relevant to my process.

Processes to explore in grad school:
• Photogravure
• Wet-plate collodion
• Platinum plate collodion
• Gum Bichromate
• Mezzotint
• Printmaking & Ceramics (translucent/opaque, printing on paper thin porcelain, projecting video onto paper thin porcelain)
• Intaglio: to explore make making that would be eventually paired with photographic image
• Solar plate etching: trying to achieve beautiful midtones
• Four color intaglio etchings
• Lost wax metal casting (small trinkets, jewelry/sculpture)
• Cyanotype
• Textile work
o Bleach prints
o Large fabric prints
o Sewing thin fine filigree like lines of abstracted organic forms; weeds, branches, veins blood vessels
• Drawing an aneurism, migraine, stroke (looking at blood vessel mapping in brain, heart, lungs)
• Photographic printmaking
o Installations
o Video
o Sculpture (ceramics)

Looking Outside Art Dept:
• Religious Studies
• Women's/Sexuality Studies

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