Mara Week 7 Label

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There is something in way written text moves me. Writing is the beginning of all my creative explorations. The moment a creative thought pops into my head I am reciting it over and over until I can relieve my angst of losing it by writing it down. Once I begin to write the idea begins to grow into other ideas so in this moment of clarity I am able to make connections with other trains of thought and create new ideas that lead to pages of writing. The sketch is in the written line. I look back over my sketchbooks and reread the thoughts that are held there many which have fallen on the page and were buried under other pages of thoughts. Text is aesthetic and meaningful. Looping lines joined together by thin ellipses or short staccato marks they are all in the service of conveying and providing meaning. I am interested in this as a form of mark making, layering passage upon passage creating palimpsest history or marks. My practice begins, continues, and ends with writing. The image is born from text.

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