Mara Week 8 Label

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"Postures are necessary if not sufficient condition for generation of meaning and feeling." -Linda Nochlin

When creating compositions I am always concerned with the way a body moves and fits in a space. The human body is so telling of emotions. Like the drawn mark the body evokes different moods just in simple movements. The slight tilt of the head, hunched shoulders, standing up straight, sitting, lying down, these positions and postures say more than the artist can say about the feelings found in their work. I am interested in the body in motion, they're a flash of losing control and the photograph captures and freezes that moment like no other medium. To be able to engage and contemplate such a raw moment is invigorating. My work has explored this movement paralleled with stillness. The stoic pose can be elegant but jarring. There is something otherworldly present in simple arrangements where a lack visible emotion can be more enrapturing than the expected look of anguish or ecstasy. I am interested in capturing and creating these fleeting moments and freezing them and juxtaposing them to create this index of the human body.

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