So now you know: How to interview according to the first tips on the web

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How to interview a nanny for your toddler
Will you answer your cell phone?

How to interview a new flatmate
Do you smoke?

How to interview your favorite musician
Why are you doing an interview in the first place?

How to interview Gary Busey (as dictated by Gary Busey to Hunter S. Thompson)
Start over. Call my name like you first got here. Don't make it like an interview. Talk to me like you're personal.

How to interview someone (from Errol Morris)
Shut up and listen.

How to conduct an interview (from
Research, research, research.

How to interview your heroes
Learn the Quick-Start method. No excuses! I'll show you a system that will enable even a shy technophobe to post a first interview within 3 days.

How to interview and build relationships with the most "influential" people in the world
Understand the new "gatekeepers"

How to interview a "source"
Call to make a definite appointment. Just because modern influencers are accessible in a variety of different ways, doesn't mean they are any less busy and waiting to selflessly serve your needs (and why would they?).

How to interview Dr. Who

How to interview an author
Select an author.

How to interview yourself
Stick your camera on a tripod and snap stills of yourself until you're happy with the framing.

How to interview a doula
How long have you been a doula?

How to interview Olympic athletes
Have they won a medal? > No > Were they expected to win? > Insult them by asking why they bottled it and show your general ignorance about their sport.

How to interview a closing lawyer
Ask: Besides real estate, what else do you do? (Best answer: Just real estate. Worst: Personal injury.)

How to interview a college football coach
Ask: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

How to interview a hardware salesperson
Talk me through your most complex customer deal? How did it start, who were the stakeholders and what objections did you have to overcome to close the deal?

How to interview like a party animal
Send the questions ahead of time.

How to interview a rock star
Consult a successful rock star

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