Week Eight - Will Lakey - Labelling the world

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The Studio Critique
My work is on the walls, but not all of it. I don't know why I have hung those pictures like that...is it misleading? Twelve people sit around looking at me, they are being very nice, I think I am answering their questions fairly coherently. I try to sound considered, but I try not to listen to how I sound. My mapping practice work is all around and I am glad I did that and that it has coincided with this critique. It makes my studio look a bit more lived in. It has been hinting at possible new directions in my practice. I am sitting on the desk, the added height gives me a bit of confidence and I can move around more freely. Later on I worry that the way I am sitting is reacting with the jeans I chose to wear today and creating an unfortunate and embarrassing focal point, but it is probably my imagination. I am given lots of names to look up and everyone looks happy about the conversation. I take this as a win.

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