Will Lakey - Week Seven - Labelling the World

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This is something that I consider relevant to my practice but I have a hard time getting straight. Sometimes I am interested in the post-modern experience of identity fragmentation, and at others as just a practical visual process/style that I use in my work. I suppose I use this style to reflect the post-modern identity thing. This all seems straightforward, so why am I having trouble? I can't find much writing on the subject of fragmentation and art, there seems to be a lot about the post-modern experience, but I have a hard time relating that back to my art in anything other than a general kind of way. I have chosen to write about fragmentation in a research project that I am working on, and its use in the work of artists who have crossed borders, but I don't know if I can give a good reason (beyond personal experience) or formulate a question around that. I was hoping that I would have a chance to learn more about the subject in the process of doing the research, but I am feeling pressure to define myself before I have done the research, which is currently fragmented.

In between writing this and uploading I had a small epiphany. I am more interested in the idea of an identity constructed of fragments than in the idea of a fragmented identity.

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Will, there's been a lot of writing and research on archives (counter-archives, artist-created archives, etc.) that might be of interest to you-- including Hal Foster's Archival Impulse and Okwei Enweazor's excellent exhibition + catalogue Archive Fever.


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