Will Lakey - Week Six - Labelling the World

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Headphones and Music

Almost the only time I ever wear my headphones is when I'm painting. Its mostly the only time I actively choose music to listen to rather than abstractly listening to a radio. I really enjoy music but I am unable to listen to it academically, I almost never hear the meaning of the words, they just blend together into another part of the song. What I get from music is distraction, and rhythm. When I am painting I put on my headphones (cheap but respectable sennheisers) and then it is the perfect fit. It distracts me from hard thought. It turns the world away from the cocoon I paint in. I get a little paranoid as well though, especially in these studios with locked doors, I am worried I will miss someone knocking on the door, or Jim will sneak up on me and paint me on the back of the head or something. I like music with rhythm when I paint, and old rock (or something else, I am uncertain with music genres), I just bought two albums on Amazon, Boston by Boston, and Kansas Greatest Hits. Maybe I will improve my American geography at the same time?

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