Candice Methe- Final Project week 11

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My plan has changed a bit from Smash Pile ( I know you all could hardly wait). The new plan is...

I will create five ceramics vases/pieces to be place adjacent to five works of art within the walker galleries. These pieces which will made by me will be decorated with a fictitious narrative/text/commentary that is directly related to the original work. I am thinking Grayson Perryish types of work There will be no obvious link between the two pieces other than proximity. My works are meant to create an element of surprise and humor.
The Art works that my work will interact with are:

Thomas Hirschhorn-Necklace CNN- the living years
Matthew Barney_Drawing Restraint 7 -Midnight Party
Robert Gober-Door and Door Frame-Midnight Party
Bharti Kher- Some Days its Easy- Midnight Party
Cindy Sherman

There is enough room next to these pieces to squeeze in a pedestal with a vase on it and with a small ambiguous signage. Im playing with the idea of an open form and guests of the walker are encouraged to leave their own thoughts on the original works within the piece. A sort of tell-me-what-you-really-think/confessional element.
The idea behind the project is to get visitors thinking about the works in another way. By having another component directly related to the work it creates a new dialog. It will appear to be another work of art but when the connection is made it will perhaps create a new reality around the original piece.
My further research will include:
Making the ceramics pieces
Spending time at the Walker with the works that I mentioned and getting a real sense of what they are trying to convey and my sincere or gut reactions to them
Then transcribing a narrative to my ceramic pieces.
The reason I am choosing this piece is my relationship to ceramics as art and also utilizing it's function. I am also incorporating my relationships to reactions that I have experienced while encountering these particular pieces at the walker.
I will need 5 pedestals for the work to be displayed and 5 additional pedestals for the note paper and golf pencils.
I am anticipating that my work will be ready to be displayed by December 14th.

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