Chris, Week 11, Final Proposal

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Project Description:
Name options:
-International Center for Museum Divination: Divining the Extra-gallery Walker
-Divining the Extra-gallery Walker
-Divining the Walker

Divining the Extra-gallery Walker is an non-traditional exploration of the Walker. Visitors will be encouraged to wander the Walker's various public spaces and wonder outside of the galleries. Participants will be equipped with an Instrument of Divination and instructions with which they will explore the Walker's extra-gallery spaces. {see mission below}*****

Research (Please share some of the key research that is informing this project):

1. I have been evaluating the potential of the spaces available for divining (lobbies, lounges, rest/coatrooms, hallways, and corridors via maps, wandering, and conversation.
2. Various museum maps to galleries and spaces:
3. Divining resources:
the official
4. e-flux "Do it" - I am thinking my instructions will be short like many in this book...see content section for my instruction ideas.
5. Krystal Krunch- how are they phrasing their projects? presenting them? facilitating them?

How does this project address the goals of the final assignment?
-Utilizes my artistic methodology
-Engages Walker and visitors
-reflexive for participants and viewers
-explores the space, content, context of the Walker

How does this project relate to the Walker?
People will be wandering/wondering about the space of the Walker thoughtfully/playfully exploring its extra-gallery space.

Context (Please illustrate the broader context of your project):

This project uses art objects as tools in conjunction with artist instructions to engage gallery viewers in an interactive exploration of the space within a museum outside of the galleries. Participants will be prompted to explore the space in search of an array of things, words, concepts, and emotions.

Plan/ Personal Timeline (How are you going to make this happen):
Week 11/18-24: Develop tools and supporting materials. Clarify logistical goals/possibilities
Week 11/25-12/1: Finish tools and supporting materials. Establish/verify logistics.
Week 12/2-12/8: Finishing touches/Carry out project/documentation.
Week 12/9-12/14: Finalize presentation of project.

Intended Audience:
Any willing WAC goers! Possibly...probably Thursday Nighters.

- What is your underlying concept?

The application of a non-traditional exploration of space within an art institution.
Participants will use the tools I made to seek.: (below are instructions for cards)
seek space
seek energy
seek meaning
seek searching
seek wonder
seek wander
seek conflict
seek wealth
seek emotion
seek space
seek curiosity
seek laughter
seek sadness
seek intellect
seek comfort
seek humor
seek wishes
seek fear
seek excitement
seek red
seek white
seek blue
seek yellow
seek gold
seek black
seek hope
seek love
seek desire
seek corners
seek questions
seek answers
seek transit
seek hate
seek peace
seek piece
seek peas
seek wall
seek floor
seek ceiling
seek this
seek that
seek there
seek here
seek up
seek down
seek north
seek south
seek west
seek east
seek under
seek over
seek ...

- How does it relate to the specific site of the Walker?

"The Walker Art Center is a catalyst for the creative expression of artists and the active engagement of audiences. Focusing on the visual, performing, and media arts of our time, the Walker takes a global, multidisciplinary, and diverse approach to the creation, presentation, interpretation, collection, and preservation of art. Walker programs examine the questions that shape and inspire us as individuals, cultures, and communities."
-Walker's Mission

"Divining the Extra-gallery Walker is a catalyst for the creative expression of artists/participants/viewers and the active engagement of the audience. Focusing on visual and performance elements, Divining the Extra-gallery Walker takes a multidisciplinary, and collective approach to explore the Walker's creation, presentation, interpretation, collection and preservation of the space which encompasses a contemporary art gallery. Divining the Extra-gallery Walker examines the questions that shape and inspire us as individuals, cultures, and communities."
- Divining the Extra-gallery Walker's Mission*****

- Why are you doing this project? (i.e., how does it speak to your practice and interests?)

I made, cast, forged, fabricated, and modeled art objects to be used for exploring an art museum. Art demands something from viewers and this piece is the most demanding piece I have yet to make. It is an extension and exploration into a more performative and engaging environment/context. I am building this concept because I have found myself in a mirror museum and have been offered this opportunity to explore a process unfamiliar to me. That can be exciting.

- what are the tools/tactics you'll employ?

Divining rods and pendulums.
Instruction cards.
persuasion/begging/guilt tripping.

- In what form(s) will your project manifest?

Art objects on display
Art objects in conjunction with visitor performance
Cards with text (commands/instructions)

Engagement and distribution:
- Why would someone walking into the Walker be 1) curious about your project, and 2) interested in participating/engaging with it? What will be your invitation?

want to play with art?
want to perform with art?
want to explore with art?
assuming they are in the Walker to explore contemporary art and space and energy. this is that.

- How do you anticipate visitors will engage with your project? Note--if your project is leaning towards relying on participation, think specifically about how you'll successfully solicit participation. What will be your Plan B if you don't solicit participation?

Option 1. Lovely Walker employees offer divination tool checkout at desk(could be before/after?) This will include instruction.

Option 2. Me offer checkout or guided tour - "Hi, I am with the International Center for Museum Divination. Would you like to take part in a non-traditional exploration of the extra-gallery space of the Walker? I will let you choose which Instrument of Divination you prefer and then provide you with instruction. *must be 42" or taller to ride." [This would be great if I did it on a Thursday]

Option 3. Free For All table with instructions, instruction cards, and Instruments of Divination

Option 99. Explain I am a desperate grad student in need of help...

- How will your project circulate, at the Walker and otherwise?

ICMD pamphlets
Walker Website
Walker Employees
Word of mouth

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