Erin Paradis: Week 11; Comments on Readings

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Svetlana Alpers:
I think it's quite interesting the type of museum that she is discussing in this reading that came prior to the more contemporary museum. She discusses the contents as being artifacts which are/were more generally "craft" items. I wonder if this type of institution and the way that museums were established has influenced how people view craft arts presently. There is definitely a distinct difference between a contemporary art museum today and what a museum was 75 years ago.

Richard Sennett:
It was nice to read descriptions of something different than art and hear a different way of describing a situation. I think it's helpful to see how to write about something from this perspective. There's a certain way that people talk about art and I think we can get stuck in that language sometimes. This was a great example of metaphors and describing the same scenario in different ways.

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