Erin Paradis: Week 11; Final Project Proposal

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Project Description

this will include:
-history on the Walker building and its architecture (conducted in the Walker archives and library)
-history on museum lobby spaces possibly
-color theory/ psychology of color
-how to make a pamphlet
-onsite drawings and writings of the lobby space outside of the Target gallery

How does this project address the goals of the final assignment?

I will be addressing the ideas of space, history, and color, which are central themes in my work. It will give me the opportunity to move at a quicker pace in my process, using drawing, collaging, and simple construction techniques. This exercise will help me practice these kinds of preliminary studies that I've been meaning to do more quickly and more often in my own practice.

The research involved will get me thinking about the story of the space and the building which is what emanates with me when I explore spaces to be investigated in my own practice. In a way I will be mapping the story of the Walker through the pamphlet and the drawings that will be available.

How does this project relate to the Walker?

Space and architecture are very important in my practice. I think there are some beautiful spaces that radiated with me in my investigation of the museum that can be explored further. In this case, I will be able to (hopefully) integrate my work with the space that I am so intrigued with. This type of dialogue that is created is something I've never been able to explore before. I think the conversation that happens with the work and the space that the work is about will be interesting to see.


This includes the influence of time or history on my practice. What kind of stories are related to the image or space? Where has it been? How does it influence my life? And how does that translate into my work? The idea of the difference between "place" and "space" (this idea is related to the reading we read last week by Michael de Certeau).

Plan/ Personal Timeline (How are you going to make this happen):

-preliminary research on color theory (research in Wilson Library
-preliminary research in the Walker archives and library for history of the Walker and architectural plans of the space

-start gathering drawn material from the space
-record the steps I took through the space (get an overview map of the space or draw one)
-do writings on the drawings and investigate them with the research of the history of the building and color in mind
-more gatherings of drawings if necessary
-use gathered material to start 3 or so collages of the space. Make some painted cardboard constructions
-start planning out the pamphlet; what should be in it, how does it relate specifically with the collage pieces I create, where does the map fit in for viewers to follow.

Intended Audience:

Passer-bys, people in between shows, people that are curious about the space of the architecture, people that wouldn't have been curious about the space until seeing my piece.

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