Final project Proposal

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Project Description:

The final project will consist of two parts.

The first part of the project will be based on three works currently showing at The Walker. The project will be based on the work Lutz Bacher, In Memory of my feelings, the Felix Gonzales Torres, Untitled and the Andrea Bowers, Letters. Small drawers will be placed somewhere delicately near the entrance by the Walker cafeteria. The drawers will contain photographs and confessions written by me. There will be text on the wall telling the public about the project and what it is expected from them. The viewer would be allowed to take the photographs, and confessions with them. The confessions will be based on works of art at The Walker, and from my own life experiences. The confessions will be intertwined with fact and fiction. The viewer will be asked to do the essentially the same. Next to the drawers, there will be a box where people can deposit their own confessions and memories mixed with any level of fiction and truth as they wish. Paper will provided where the viewer can either check "I confess...." or "I remember..." and they will fill out the rest and deposit the paper on the box. I am not sure how many people will fill these outs, but I'm hoping that my own sharing will provoke the same. I want them to take those memories and confessions from me, but I would similarly like to do the same for them.

The second part will be the "Will you dance with me?" project.
I will place myself at the entrance of the museum holding a sign that says the above. This will be done on a Thursday night in a heavy traffic day. The only plan would be to dance with no music. I will follow the lead of the person who asked me to dance. This will create a more in person, tactile experience for both the viewer and myself. Dancing is a social activity you usually do in public. The dancing with strangers is not a new thing at all, if you frequent any club. I am interested to see who asks me to dance, what kind of dancing will they choose, how long will they dance with me, and how the context of the museum affects their choices.

Together, the projects will be about intimacy, vulnerability, and bravery. These concepts relate to the work I already make.


I have spent hours looking at the work at The Walker, and trying to figure how my work could best fit the space. I have used works of art currently showing The Walker to inspire my project ideas. I am looking for work online that is confessional, also performance art that includes dancing. I am also looking for artists that have done similar projects.

How does this project address the goals of the final assignment?

The final assignment consists of doing a project using the context of The Walker. The project needs to be conceptualized around the experience of the visitors; along with combining my own practice and concepts. I believe both projects address those expectations. By using the works of art as inspiration for the project, and by using The Walker as a space for the performance and Its visitors; this uses the context of The Walker. The ideas of intimacy, vulnerability and bravery are heavily correlated to the work I already make. These same concepts are being used in this final project, thus combining my own practice and concepts to the final project.

How does this project relate to the Walker?

The project relates to The Walker in the sense that not only was the project inspired by work currently showing at The Walker, but I am using the space and the visitors that come to the museum to realize this project. I am creating a work that I feel will be of interest to the audience of The Walker. The dancing project will hopefully invite people of all ages to participate.

Plan/ Personal Time line (How are you going to make this happen):

I'm going to do the dancing performance first.
This will happen next Thursday November, 29th.
The performance will be filmed and photographed.
The memories/ confession piece will happen December 6th.
During the next two weeks, I will print photographs, I will write the confessions based on the works at The Walker. I will gather materials, such as outfits for dance performance, drawers, box for viewer's collaborations of their confessions and memories. I will figure out a finalized location for the drawers.

Intended Audience: 

The intended audience for the dancing performance is everybody. I think the participation is an open ended invitation to whoever comes through The Walker's doors. I think the most people see other people dancing, the more they will be willing to participate on the performance.

The fabricated memories piece will probably invite more people to take the photographs, but I assume less people will be willing to share their own memories and confessions. I am hoping that by explaining the mixture of truth and fiction that is in memories, it will take the pressure and vulnerability that is to share something that might be too personal to share. I am hoping that intimacy provokes intimacy. I am hoping that by keeping their confessions a secret to the rest of public, it will ignite their participation.

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