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Project Description
The use of ambient noise, subliminal messaging, and sleep osmosis will aid the viewing public to further understand the subject of the Walker Art Center's collection as a whole and specific examples, Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 7 and Kiki Smith's Kitchen. Through an interactive experience within the Walker and gallery spaces of Drawing Restraint 7 and Kitchen, the public will be invited to participate by laying in designated areas and listen to headphones. The headphones will be playing an ambient creation of layered dialogue about the above-mentioned topics. There will be three separate tracks being played in each of its specified locations. Equipped with sleeping mat, sleeping mask, and headphones, the viewer will be subjected to the audio in an attempt to provide a quick informational injection that provides a fundamental overview of the walker and the two specific examples within the Walker collection.
One arrangement will consist of five sleeping bags and pillows lain out in a public space of the Walker. The audio in this context will consist of readings from Bits & Pieces Put Together to Present a Semblance of a Whole: Walker Art Center Collections.
The arrangement inside Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 7 will be one cot and pillow. The audio designed for this samples readings from texts on and audio from interviews with Matthew Barney.
The third station will be inside the Kiki Smith Kitchen installation. There will be crocheted blankets on the floor to create a sleeping arrangement for a couple people.
All the stations will have headphones, floor padding, pillow, and sleeping mask. I will also be around the stations to aid in the participation of guests to the Walker.

It is shown that ambient noise at about 70 decibels influences creative thinking. "An increased level of distraction makes you think outside-of-the-box" (
). I am combining this with the principles of subliminal messaging through sleep hypnosis. Subliminal messaging is best in short phrases at a low volume. Layering these messages with a backing tone of some sort helps ease the mind. All of this information will help me design a track to assist the viewer in understanding the Walker collection.

Relation to the Walker
This project involves the Walker by picking directly from its collection and focusing on its collection as a whole. There is also an emphasis on selecting texts for direct sampling for the audio from publications connected to the Walker. The use of a Walker program, free Thursday nights, also examines a diversified demographic that is isolated to this one night a week. It also questions the museum behavior by inviting the viewer to sleep in the gallery space.
The broader context of this project involves the relationship between the museum and the viewer in contemporary art. I aim to bridge a gap between the complexities of contemporary artists and the viewer through a swift, soothing injection of contemporary knowledge that aids the participant's understanding.

Personal Timeline:
Sleeping Bags: Acquired
Sleeping Mats: Acquired
Pillows: Acquired
Sleeping Masks: Acquired
Cot: Acquired
Crocheted Blankets: Acquired
Audio Devices:
Books - Located
a) Make selections and record voice
b) Edit Audio (Most time consuming venture!)

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