Kevin O Week 10 Final Project Proposal

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Hello everybody! I missed you on Friday. I was on a panel for the State Arts Board Media Arts grants - and I'd love to tell you about it. It was a pretty fascinating experience.

The working title for my final project is:

The Walker Community Contemplates Contemporary Art: Gallery Guest Self-Portrait Series

...and the idea hasn't changed much since I presented it last week. I would be constructing this video apparatus that museum visitors will self-select to wear as they navigate the galleries - then, I will put together a max patch that automatically edits the footage to select moments when, say 95% of the video frame is static - indicating that the visitor was standing still & looking at something for an extended moment.

I'm excited about the idea of accumulating an archive of these portraits that can be compiled either in a single-channel looping video, or in a video collage to be viewed simultaneously. They could be presented in a gallery but I also think it would be cool to have them appear on the many flat-panel displays around the building.

This project is a way for members and visitors to participate in the museum not just as audience, but also as both makers and subjects of artworks that will appear on the walls, which is exciting to me - and it's a visual manifestation of the Walker community and expresses the relationship between the people and the art they are experiencing. Under the gaze of the video camera, they get to "curate" their own portrait by deciding where they go in the museum and what they look at.

It furthers my personal interest in video portraiture, and the most challenging part for me is that I'm a pre-beginner at Max programming so it will force me to get my hands dirty to create the auto-editing software patch.

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