Mara Final Project Proposal

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Project Description: Field Notes for Midnight Party

"Midnight Party is an exhibition exploring the subconscious, dreams, and myth"
• I plan on creating a "field notes" of sorts for the exhibition Midnight Party.
• In line with the themes of subconscious, dreams, and myth I will be creating a more subjective variation of field notes
• Using the influences present in the exhibition I will be introducing my own web of references, form text, artists, theories, etc. to create a manual that maps connections between works in the exhibit but also outside connections to other art makers.
• The idea is to hone in on specific aspects of the show and create little manual/ zines about each of these areas. Some examples are...
o The Alcoves of Midnight Party
• Exploring the connection between all of the little offset rooms in the exhibit. Artists such as; Von Bruenchenhein, Robert Gober, Kiki Smith, Marsden Hartley, Matthew Barney, etc....
o The Videos: Joseph Cornell's Midnight Party and Easter Morning by Bruce Conner
• There is a different sort of subconscious reached with the use of moving images and so I want to explore the ideas each video conveys and what connections can be made between them and other parts of the exhibit
o The Space of Midnight Party
• Thinking about how the gallery space is charged by the connections and subject matter present in each of the works, there is a sense of constant discovery as one moves throughout the gallery and how can this be understood.
o Wunderkammer
• The constellation of objects all brought together is a chance to experience each item in relation to other items, it is their strangeness and unexpectedness that bring them together
These are some of the themes the field notes will be based on. This is part journal, part instruction manual. I hope to bring together two modes of thinking into one manuscript for viewers to consider.

In preparation of this idea I have been reading articles about note taking and some of it's historical background. I am interested in understanding the impulse of note taking, the desire to capture as much information about a single moment or collection of ideas that leads people to carry around notebooks in anticipation of note taking. This relates in a way to exhibition catalogs, there is something about having a catalog as an object that has all sorts of facts, ideas, and consideration about the art and the artist.
Having visited Midnight Party on several occasions the last visit I had I lingered for the longest amount of time, experiencing each piece seeing where I am pulled. It was this last visit that I truly had a sense of the feeling of whimsy or "private visions."
For the field notes I plan to start in some instances with the quotes found on the walls throughout the gallery; Thomas Campion, Funk and Wagnall's New Standard Encyclopedia, etc.
The basic formula I hope to follow is to layer fact with my own commentary. This commentary on how to experience art, interpret art, and make observations about art, while they will be my own they will be informed by my research on how these concepts interact and come together. This research will consists of articles, theoretical concepts, artist's interviews, exhibition catalogs, and quotes. Starting from the more broad ideas of the exhibit and using some of the available references I hope to spread out through looking at related text, etc.
This formula comes from reading Jen Bervin's Nets, Bervin takes Shakespeare sonnets and creates erasure poems within them, the "nets" still fit within the context of the original sonnet creating this layer of interpretation and meaning shows the connections are not arbitrary but are truly connected to the text itself. This is my goal, creating layers of observation, interpretation, and understanding.

Goals of the Final Assignment
• Apply your own artist tactics to the site of the museum.
• Experiment with tropes of the museum in constructing meaning for an audience.
This project will be on a larger scale the way I work in my studio and approach my artistic practice. Through the use of base text I cross-reference and cross reference, building up a visual and verbal library around certain ideas relevant to my work. I plan to use this process and way of working in the context of constructing alternate meanings and understandings of Midnight Party for the viewer to consider.

Relation to the Walker
This project is surrounding an exhibit at the walker that is constantly changing and being switched out, the context and content of the exhibition is in constant state of influx creating a unique situation to allows various and continual connections to be made between more stationary works and works that will be more brief. The type of analysis I am conducting is indefinite and can continue on infinitely, there are connections to be made with in the exhibit, between other exhibits, within the museum itself, and with the outside world.
The broader context of this project is to illustrate for visitors of the walker the ways artist make work, are influenced by outside sources, the way connections are made for analysis, how to go about looking at art. This field guide will be produced in multiples and placed outside of the exhibit so that viewers can have it.

November 19 - November 30 (collecting information for content (notes, quotes, mapping, photographs, etc., more not taking at the Walker, make a more concrete layout of information to be included in guide)

December 1- December 14, 2012 (Finalizing choices for form and begin production. Printing and assembling and make finishing touches with hand done techniques, drawing, screen printing, etc.

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