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Kevin, Intentions for Class

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When I was an undergraduate in film school at USC, there was a kid a year younger than me (class of 2002) named Jon Chu.

I never knew him well, but it was clear from a distance that he was a smart guy, very approachable, and diligent about his work. And, by the time he graduated he had cultivated a certain aura of inevitable success - a golden boy kind of thing. Even in our highly competitive program, which featured a higher than average amount of resentment and gossip, it seemed like nobody had a bad word to say about him.

My senior year I was chosen to be the student representative on the panel that was deciding who would get to direct an advanced project the following semester - kind of an undergraduate thesis film, a coveted role given to only four out of 50 students per semester.

As the panel of professors discussed the 15-20 proposals that had been submitted, I was struck by the impression that there seemed to be a tacit agreement at the outset of the whole process that Jon would be one of the four directors we would choose.

When we came to his proposal we didn't even talk about it very much. He was one of the shining stars of the program, he had earned it - the assumption was in place. I think he would've had to work hard at screwing up his proposal or pitch to seriously jeopardize his chances.

After graduation Jon went on to win some awards and get a lot of attention, including an agent and a manager - he was living the film school dream. And, he was working his ass off the whole time - as far as I know, it was still rare for his peers to begrudge him his success. Moreover, the aura of inevitability was still intact and paying dividends.

I interviewed him on video four years after graduation, in 2006. Excerpts from that interview are here, and it's highly worth watching, I think.

His journey was far from a smooth ride - there were some pretty epic disappointments and setbacks along the way. But of course he persevered, and soon he directed his first feature film, and his second, and third.

What impresses me most about him is his clear vision of what he wants, what's missing from the system, and how he can fit into it.

He was a dancer, and he loved the kind of hip-hop dancing that was going on in the world but that wasn't especially reflected in mainstream film culture, and he saw this resource - all these underappreciated dancers around the world who were using youtube to create a community for themselves. It seems obvious in retrospect, but at the time it was a career-making inspiration (we're talking about 2005 here): he decided that he would be the one to tap into that resource and make a movie celebrating those dancers.

His first film, which was originally intended to be a direct-to-DVD, throwaway sequel (you can hear all about it in the interview link above) - opened the door to all of these opportunities, a web-based dance serial called the LXD, of course Mr. Bieber... and throughout all of it, there was Jon, working diligently, being golden.

And in short, that's what I want from my Fine Arts MFA experience. I don't know if I can achieve the level of success that Jon has achieved / is achieving / will achieve... but he remains a model for me of how to fit your own passion into the bigger picture: how to find a synthesis between what you do and what the world needs (or at least, what the world wants). That's what I'm looking for... I'm no Jon M. Chu, and the world of media art isn't Hollywood, but it seems like the basic equation is the same.

I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out...

Erin Paradis, Week 2, Intentions

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My objectives for my MFA are to have extensive progression in my work, solidifying my ideas and my processes. I would like to investigate further the relationship between my sculptural ideas and how they relate to my functional pots. It is very important and pertinent to me to have these two forms of working, and having the time in a program like this to fully explore both ways of creating is exciting. I want to take advantage of this time and the resources I now have to help me work through my thoughts with out much limitation. Having some barriers in the way to access tools like a table saw or receiving a critique from a professional in the past, I want to be in touch with what is offered to me here. Not just as the U of M but Minneapolis.
I would also like to develop my voice in talking about and writing about art. There is much for me to work on and I would like to better articulate myself when it comes to discussions, critiques, and writings.
Establishing myself with in the ceramics community even further is also a goal of mine. I would obviously like to do that with my work but also with the skills I would like to learn to become a professor and teacher. Even if I don't end up in an academic setting, I would like to learn the tools to put me in a position at a residency program or other artistic program.

Jim Hittiger, Week 2, Intentions

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Goals/Aspirations for MFA Program

I see being in an MFA program as a chance to develop as an artist and as a professional. Above all, I plan on making the best work I have ever made in my life. I have three years to work and develop surrounded by the faculty and other students in the program, without needing a job outside of school to pay for a studio or student loan payments. I can focus completely on my art practice. Even my job during these three years is in the same building as my studio. I can train and prepare to teach art while I'm here. This is certainly better than any nine-to-five job I could have gotten with just a BFA. Maybe I should have more a plan, but that's all I've got right now. I'm happy with where I am now, and I can't wait to see what opportunities arise over the next three years.

Will Lakey - week two - Aspirations

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Aspirations/Intentions for my MFA

This MFA represents a chance for me to engage with my practice more intensely than I have been able to before now.

I am hoping to develop a much deeper theoretical and critical understanding of my work and its context in the art world.

I hope to develop new networks.

I hope to develop more professional practices that will help me to keep my art closer to the center of my life after I leave the MFA.

Intentions and Label.

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My intentions for grad school is to experiment, to take risks, to make work that I wouldn't have done otherwise. Try other mediums, sculpture, painting, drawing, video, printmaking, ceramics. To not be scared to make bad work as long as I'm making work. To learn to be patient with process, with myself and to enjoy the slowness of how much sometimes things take to make. To trust my thoughts, and intuition and to not second guess myself when is time to be sure about things. To learn to ask for guidance when lost. Be open to critique from people who have different aesthetics styles, different opinions. To take classes outside my field, psychology, sociology, American Studies, anthropology, media studies, etc. Learn Italian fully. To practice public speaking, attempt to become comfortable at it. To not be shy to network. To apply to grants. To only be in shows only when I feel something needs to be shown. To maybe make a website. Maybe. To indulge myself in art making. To be the kind of teacher to my students that I know I have connected with, and learned much from. To learn from my students, to enjoy their art making process. To have fun, travel, go somewhere far for a summer. To photograph. To not photograph. To write, write, write. Read, read, read, etc.

Label for my Apt.

Location is 307 Cedar Ave. S, Apt, Minneapolis, MN, 55454. Rent is 705 plus $50 for parking. One bedroom. The location is convenient, yet not my dream location of choice if I didn't have to attend school. I also would have not probably moved to Minneapolis if I didn't attend school here. Bathroom is located outside of unit. This is inconvenient when I need to use the restroom in the middle of the night. It entitles to put some kind of clothing every time I need to use the restroom; unless I manage to run really quickly and my neighbors don't happen to see me run naked to the bathroom. The purpose of this place is to provide shelter, warmth, protect me from outside irritants such as and not limited to, dirt, rain, snow, trash, rudeness, bad smells, crime, violence, etc. The last part is questionable. There were 5 gun shots outside my apartment three nights ago. The apartment did protect me from actually getting shot , so no qualms there. My big windows also let outside odors come to the apartment, and my sofa has been rained on if I forget to close my windows. The lease is up at 12:00 noon on July 31, 2013.

Emily, Week 2: intentions

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Personal Practice:
My work is about rethinking how public spaces are used as places to live, interact, and be inspired. I have used alternative landscapes, new media, and temporary architecture to create experiences in space, and am investigating how shared memories affect the quality of a place.

Though my background is in architecture and I've completed a Masters in Landscape Architecture, the trajectory of my career is leading me into the realm of public art. I see the Graduate Minor in Art as a means of grounding myself in the discipline of artmaking, and intend to use this class as a moment to reflect on the work I've been creating and interpret it within a larger context or momentum. I recently participated in a few alternative projects over the summer, and find myself swinging in an in-between place. Though it's perfectly fun, the time must come to slow down, look around, and figure out where I am.

photo (13).JPG

Self Syllabus:

Beth, Week 2, My intentions for an MFA

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I'm been exhibiting my work for years now, have received some amazing fellowships, and have been reviewed in The New Yorker, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Village Voice, and other publications, yet I've always regretted that I didn't have MFA on my résumé because I want to teach. On my grad school application I wrote that I want to teach what I know, and learn what I don't. I regret that life got in the way of doing this sooner, but I wouldn't give up any of my experiences. I'm been exhibiting my work for years now, have received some amazing fellowships, and have been reviewed in The New Yorker, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Village Voice, and other publications, yet I've always regretted that I didn't have MFA on my résumé because I want to teach. On my grad school application I wrote that I want to teach what I know, and learn what I don't. I regret that life got in the way of doing this sooner, but I wouldn't give up any of my experiences.

Inspirations, Intentions and 180 words- Candice Methe

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Lists: I did more of a list and then more of an elaboration on that list

Primary sources of inspiration in no particular order.
1. Nature
2. Books
3. Travel
4.Images from the late 18th early, mid 19th centuries
5. Happenstance
6. printmaking primarily relief printmaking
7. my own personal history and experiences
8.fabric, textiles
9.Islamic art
10. My astrological sign; the gemini.

Elaboration on my top 10 list
1. Nature. a place of spirituality and healing for me. I prefer the wilderness but the woods will do in a pinch. Trees, flowers, plant life, insects, birds, animals, dirt, rock and the elements.
2.I love art books, especially the ones I can reference visually. Right now I am looking at Henry Darger for his use of color and composition. I also love my sketch book that I would LOVE to be able to spend more time with.
3.Travel! Take me anywhere. I love to see how other cultures live, especially artists.
4.My favorite photo is my Father in his WW2 Uniform. I have a colllection of old photographs, they are very intriguing!
5.The small, fleeting moments of beauty or ugliness that can appear and unfold at any moment, only to be gone in the blink of an eye.
6. I love relief printing. I love the line quality and organic richness.
7.My personal experiences and history. I imagine this one will be on everyone's list. Still trying to recognize how I fit into my artwork. I know its in there somewhere.
8.Textiles, especially those of historical value. soft, supple, under-appreciated, again drawn to the organic.
9.I get really excited about Islamic art, particularly Persian Miniature Paintings and there metal work.
10. Im not huge into astrology but I believe there is something to be said about the nature of people. I do have a blessed/cursed duality which lends itself to juxtaposition, creativeness and indecision.


My intentions for my MFA are pretty straight forward. I would like to create a body of work that I am strongly satisfied with and effectively conveys to others and myself a sense of self. I would like to make a name for myself within my field of functional ceramics, as well as create relationships with galleries.
As far as my intention for this course I want to learn to talk, discuss and articulate about art and art practices effectively and coherently. I feel like a deer in the headlights.

180 words

I have once been told that they are of the peasant variety, while on another occasion I was informed that they appeared to be very.... sturdy. As a child they were categorized as Flintstones and now as I approach middle age in earnest, they grow wider, they hurt all the time and yes, they are sturdy.
At the thrift store I try to cram and wrestle them into places they don't belong with the embarrassing notion of "should have known better". So narrow, too small are the places my feet don't belong.
Decorating the nails as a celebration of my femininity. At the salon, my feet look out of place in the hands of such small and delicate women, even against the garishness of my surroundings.
I have the same feet as the other woman in my family. My sister's are significantly wider and larger then my own and taking on a scaly appearance and with an arch long left behind. An adjective that she has encountered in her travels was "floppy". Doled out by the imagination of a medical expert. My mother's are more reptilian, with the absence of nails, replaced with a crust of fungus that always seemed to be more welcome then worth the trouble.