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Candice Methe- mapping my practice week 8

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I made a charger, plate, bowl and cup out porcelain that Erin and I made. (Element of community) I pinched and shaped the clay with only my hands and fingers as the tools. I decorated the surfaces in a very loose and sketch like manner. This is how I am currently working, in a very sketch like manner. I made a placemat out of paper and drew designs of pots and surfaces that I am currently thinking about and working towards. I added images, and examples of inspirations. My work against a backdrop of inspirations.

Emily, Week 8: Mapping

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More Experiments in Mapping

Four variations on the net formed by word/discipline associations:

Four variations of word combinations, generated randomly:

Week Eight - Will Lakey - Mapping

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Here is a PDF with some images of my map, I will bring my computer to class with more images.


Erin, Week 8; Mapping:Class members

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All of the information on how I mapped my work is in the link!

Mapping Practice.pdf

Kevin - Map of Practice


A Kinetic, Time-based, 3D Rendering of a Map Metaphor Using Found Footage

Not sure how I feel about this yet. Calling it an experiment.

Hot Rock Rises

For my personal mapping piece I decided to make a list of everything I used for a day. I then built a device which allows me to scroll through a roll of thermal receipt paper in order to make a formal record this list.

Thumbnail image for a working inventory of everything i used today (ten twenty-four two thousand twelve)

a working inventory of everything i used today (ten twenty-four two thousand twelve)

As suggested in the title, this project is meant to be a work in progress. However, the visual representation of my list is still feeling fairly unresolved and I am not sure I have accomplished what I want. Perhaps a scroll is not the proper format. I often work in and from little fragmented moments, so pieces of paper may be more fitting. The device is also distracting for me. The device originally was meant as a quick solution to handling the pesky rolls for an artist with clumsy tendencies. As I was working on the roll, I developed the device. It became more refined and incorporated with the aesthetic of the roll/inventory.

here are a few more photos of the work in progress:




Beth: Week 8, Map of my Practice

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This is a basic spreadsheet that serves as a scattershot map of my practice. I had intended to make a game board, but struggled against the form. This better reflects the random nature of my thoughts, using simple binary 1s and 0s.

Emily, Week 7: Mapping

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Maps from my Past


Lorena, Week: 8 Mapping

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I never realized how messy my mapping practice would look when put together.
I guess a person who is not me would make it look more organized.
A person who is not me would have better writing.
But organization and good penmanship is not important to me. The good thing is that the lines align, they meet in many places; this is good because it proves for once that my practice is not wondering aimlessly.

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More photos/close ups:








Some extension:

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Jim, Week 8: Mapping


Here is a map (literally) of my practice. I created a custom Google Map with markers for some of my inspirations and source material.