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Tried an iPad over the weekend and fell in love with everything about it - except the price. Today I read this review about the Nook Tablet - great for reading and has a web browser, email, Pandora, Netflix and my newest passion - Angry Birds. And at half the price of the iPad I was testing. Think I may have to add this to my Xmas list...

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet.

Came across this article that talks about two videos from Microsoft showing the future of technology. Favs are the taxi cab window that displays your current location and directions, and the hotel table top that is actually a computer display.

Why Microsoft's vision of the future will really happen

Google+ Circles go round & round & round...

Opted in to Google+ recently, and for a few days was sent into a loop of "X Added you to Google" --> "X Added you back to Google"--> "Add X to Google?" --> "X Added you to Google".....

But once that frenzy died down - I can see how it could be useful at work. We held one of our last team meetings via a "Hangout" and found it fairly easy to set up and use. Could be good for chatting with out-of-town family (and for providing long distance tech support).

Privacy in an Era of Social Media

Watched this excellent session at Educause. Young people do care about privacy. They want to be in "a public" - but not have everything be public to everyone. We need to create a new privacy model to deal with the new social media.

Privacy in an Era of Social Media

The video is available under "Resources" (the first few minutes are opening remarks for the conference):



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