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I had a nice time looking at all the tools available to manipulate flickr pictures. I especially liked Flickr Color Pickr. I think searching visually is a keen tool. But this mashup probably uses tags instead of visualization of the photo

I could see something like Flickr Color Pickr and other versions (such as Door & Window Pickr or Squared Circle Pickr) could be useful when trying to search digital pictures. Freely available archived photos could be searched. For example, if you were studying the evolution of brooms over time, you could do a visual search for brooms. Of course, search results are only as good as the metadata available.

Also, I have a Picasa photo album, but haven't used it in awhile. The one I had was on my laptop, which crashed, and so I don't know if I still have access. I've never used the web version. I did have one album with one picture. Hope you can see it.

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