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(Digital) Divide(s):

Just to be more clear, when I was asked at the end of class last week where I thought I wanted to be, what I wanted to "do," I was not as articulate as I would have liked. Probably because I don't have the answer to that question myself! And I felt a bit on the spot.

I do remember expressing that I did not want to go back and teach in public schools, which is accurate. I also know that I expressed my beliefs about the violence I think schooling does to folks, to this country, and that this violence is purposeful at the more powerful levels of government in this country. I did not mean to imply that I believe individual teachers purposely do violence to their students; what I meant to express is that the very nature of the school and classroom structure does violence to "other" students and to teachers themselves. That it is very, very difficult as a teacher and as a student to break down and bust out of the existing school structures and ways of being "teacher" and "student". I question whether it is possible to undo the violence of schooling from inside a school itself. Does that make sense? That in order to reimagine schooling so that it is education might require going outside the walls of schools right now. I just know that in my experience, I was suffocated, trapped, contained, and restrained teaching in public schools. And when I go into schools now, I see all the systems still at work. The same folks are still not succeeding in schools. And don't get me started on NCLB.

But I also witness moments of hope, of education, of critical literacy, that give me hope for the future.

Which is why I have such high hopes for technology, AND TEACHERS.

Finally, and most of all, I believe that “classrooms can be places of hope, where students and teachers gain glimpses of the kind of society we could live in and where students learn the academic and critical skills needed to make that vision a reality." (http://www.rethinkingschools.org/)

Now, I just need to image what role I can play in reimagining education.