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Things to Note and Ponder

Just wanted to capture some thoughts I have been having in/out of class that I want to store away for future exploration...

- Learning Sciences does not have to be about technology
- LS = "we are scientists, theorists, futurists"
- Kolodner (2004): LS presents a "scruffy" perspective rather than a "neat" perspective.
- Explore connections between design-based researd and activity theory; look at Barab 2004 article, "Mind, Culture, Activity"
- Think about how I want to position myself in future (LS/IST/ISD); where do I fit? It is OK if I don't fit.

Notes from Elmholdt (2004)/knowledge management article:
- knowledge as an enactment inseperable from actions; learning as social participation
- knowledge is always contextual - not abstract
- KNOWLEDGE IS IN PRACTICE - not a stand-alone truth