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Class - 4/13/06

Barry came to class tonight. He offered some insights for the dissertation phase of graduate school. I list some of the most helpful below.

- One Note software: essentially a database you can search.
- he has five One Note files - 1) the citation, 2) pristine, original document, 3) annotated, marked up document that he scans into software; 4) synthesis of notes (this becomes the document he uses to write from). Helps with organization and info overload. Helps with annotation as well.

- $400 scanner that he brings to library. Justice Visions - can't use with Macs
- he has also snapped copies of docs with digital camera, too.
- scanned docs (TIFFS) can be dragged into One Note using full verison of Acrobat

-Check out Web of Science (at UMN?): search for other papers that have cited a specific article

- value of digital voice recorder: Olympus DM10. microphone is awesome; does ok with focus groups
- always use two sources when making a recording

- Audacity: audio editing software. open source


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