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Journal #6

Well, it is the end of November. Thanksgiving. Due dates are coming down hard on graduate schools across the land. I am not feeling too stressed, though, even though my plate is full. This semester things just seem so hopeful for me - intense, yes, but impossible, nah... I can get through this semester!

I do feel better having gone through the process of getting myself prepared to talk about the researchy things with the folks in class. The process itself along was valuable. And it is very helpful for me to talk outloud about my musings, especially because time is so important these days. Especially with the approaching DDF application deadline.

I am still thinking I pull things together by December 11th. I am going to go for it - there really isn't much to lose. If I am nominated, I will deal with the other details then such as having my first three chapters written. I am not going to think about that now...

An experience like the one I had this week is exactly what my hope was for this course - to kick me in the butt and hold me accountable all along the way. How easy it would have been for me to not think about the dissertation and/or DDF this semester. I have/had enough on my plate to keep me busy, I could have focused on those things, but having that goal in front me and folks to be accountable to has been motivating. Priceless.

I am off to NRC next week. I am very hopeful that through attending conference sessions and mingling with smart folks I will solidify my ideas about my dissertation angle. That is my hidden agenda at the conference, what my brain will be occupied with.

Okay. I need to breathe. Try to settle my brain and fingers down for at least one day. One day of no computer work. One day to spend with family. One day just to BE rather than DO...I am looking forward to it. I hope you have a fabulous holiday, Dee!


Hey Cassie. I'm so glad that you have found the class to be what you needed to move along in your program. You really have been so upbeat and positive this semester, and that has been consistently wonderful given some of the challenges some of the women in the seminar are facing. Great idea to have that other hidden agenda for NRC -- I hope your listening to and discussion with others helped to solidify some of your ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing your DDF application!

Thanksgiving is a great time for settling down and being rather than doing (though there was lots of doing in my house too!). Hope you had a good one.