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"It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances" -Oscar Wilde

If clothes make The Man, what am I making
with pink and purple?
with too tight "girl jeans"?
Am I making this for me,
or for what you perceive?

Maybe this cloth glues me together each day.
Would my skin escape
if I didn't hold it in away from you?
Or do my ties connect us?
If I press against your back
hard enough to stop our breath
do we disappear?

What if I desire you when you're wearing my sweater?
What if you desire me when I'm wearing your skirt?
I've got a blind spot where our palms meet.
Can you see the boundary there?
Can you feel our orbits collide?

What do you look like as your happiest, most fulfilled self?
What do you wear when you're all alone?
Do those look alike?
What would happen
if you did it all the time?
What would happen
if you dressed for your self?