October 8, 2008

Meet your junior and senior counterparts!

Take a minute to 'meet' the students who will be responding to your questions. Their information is posted below. Please feel free to post your questions in the form of 'comments' to any post at any time. Please feel free to also comment on any of the information provided - we welcome your feedback because thos blog should WORK FOR YOU!
In addition to answering your valuable questions, these fine folks below (and some other great students along the way) will be sharing information about ways to get involved, things going on in CLA and at the U and milestones throughout your first year that you should be expecting.

Your student 'experts':
Cassie Eveans
Senior - Child Psych Major

Lauren Ericson
Hometown: Rockford, IL
Major: Advertising
Favorite Hangouts: Boardertown! It's the best coffee shop ever!
Interests: volleyball, being involved at the U, Gopher games, fashion marketing, ADFAB
I wish I had known that it's okay to get involved and then change your activities after your first year...just get involved. Everyone wants to meet people just as much as you do so put yourself out there!

Allison Hugill
Hometown: Cottage Grove, WI
Major(s): Journalism & French
Favorite Hangouts: Blarney's & Overflow Cafe
What I wish I would have known as Freshman: I wish I would have joined a FIG and wish I had known about scheduler. com!

Alex Fink
Hometown: Plymouth, MN
Major(s): Philosophy & Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
Minor: Leadership
Favorite Hangout: Seward Cafe
Interests: Education, Social Justice, People, Conversations/Stories, Philosophy, Psychology
A thing or two I wish I knew my first year: (1) Talking to your professors really rocks and (2) Don't be afraid to follow your nose, heart, soul, whatever--whatever seems interesting to you, find a way to do it and the rest will work itself out.