Oklahoma Dentist Puts 7,000 in Danger of Getting HIV and Hepatitis: Story of My Choosing

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A dentist in Tulsa, Okla. is accused of infecting as many as 7,000 patients by sterilizing improperly, investigations found on Friday.

A deeper examination after complaints of Wayne Scott Harrington's dental practice found that needles were being handled improperly, and perhaps being reused and dental tools were sterilized with bleach, which caused them to rust, CNN said.

CNN also said, Harrington allegedly allowed unlicensed employees to perform intravenous sedation of the patients. The complaint issued said Harrington's dental assistants also did not have permits.

The investigation started after the health department informed the dentistry board to the potential hepatitis C infection coming from his practice, ABC News said.

The Tulsa Health Department sent 7,000 letters to patients of Harrington, informing them of the investigation and advising the patients to get tested for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, ABC News said.

Harrington voluntarily gave up his state dental license and any other permits he had--such as anesthesia permits and medications--two days after the health officials inspected his office as part of their investigation, CNN said.

The Tulsa Health Department will set up a free clinic to test patients on the first of April, ABC said.

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