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An analysis done by a New York consulting firm results in the University of Minnesota looking deeper into the cost of administration.

University President, Dr. Eric Kaler, hired the New York-based Sibson Consulting in response to an article written by the Wall Street Journal that used the U as an example of exponential growth of administrative costs according to the Star Tribune

The article written in the Wall Street Journal gave some percentages such as, "administrators consume 24% of the payroll, up from 20% in 2001," and "The school [University of Minnesota] employs 353 people earning more than $200,000 a year."

The first analysis done by Sibson Consulting which covered human resources, finance, information technology and purchasing said the U "could improve" its staffing per each supervisor the Star Tribune reported.

Star Tribune also said the report also included a bit of salary data. In the finance department, supervisors make up to 27 percent of the University employees and about 38 percent of the administrative payroll. The average salary for a supervisor in the financial office: $103,000.

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A little awkwardly written, but good story to select for your U contribution. Style is University President Dr. Eric Kaler (no commas).

Also in your first paragraph, better to write: "A consultant's analysis will result in the University of Minnesota looking more closely into the school's administrative costs."

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