Vikings Sign Greg Jennings: Analysis

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In the article written in ESPN this week about Greg Jennings, there were many words and statements that may have led readers to believe Jennings is lowering himself to be a Viking.

Now, as an avid Vikings fan, I do have to admit that if someone has a bad comment to say about my team, I'm not one to take it lightly.

The author(s) used phrases "desperately open arms," and "fill a gaping hole in Minnesota." Granted, Minnesota was in desperate need of a decent WR, but these words just added a side that as a journalist, I didn't think needed to be portrayed to the reader.

The authors did portray a side of Jennings that showed his excitement about wearing purple and gold, like when they used a quote, "'I'm not the first Packers player to jump on this side,' he said with a smile."

ESPN set the story up in this way, giving a background of Jennings as a player, the contract he signed with the Vikings, and previous injuries he's had. Then they moved into quotations from Jennings, Leslie Frazier (Vikings Head Coach) and Christian Ponder (Vikings QB).

They did not use any quotations from the Packers players though, which I think would have helped the reader fully understand the heat of the rivalry between the Vikes and the Pack.

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