Vikings Sign Greg Jennings: Story of my Choosing

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A former Green Bay Packer will turn to purple and gold as a Viking.

In perhaps one of the bitterest rivalries in NFL football, Greg Jennings, and wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers signed a contract with the Vikings. The contract guarantees Jennings $18 million and a maximum value of $47.5 million, ESPN said.

The Vikings traded wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawkslast week, and needed a receiver that could make plays, so they turned to Jennings a free-agent.

Jennings was the Packers all-time top 10 in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. He averaged about 1,000 yards a season, said.

There are a few worries about signing Jennings though. The first is his age, he's 29-years-old, which is on the old side, at least in NFL years. He also has had a number of injuries, which include; torn abdominal muscles, and a sprained knee, ESPN said.

Jennings justified his trade in a statement to ESPN. He said, "You can just get a sense that he [Christian Ponder, Vikings QB] needed a little more around him to give him some help, Hopefully, I can help him a little bit."

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