Bangladesh Building Collapses: International News

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A commercial building collapsed in Bangladesh on Wednesday, and the death tolls continue to rise.

It was Wednesday morning, and most garment workers had come in for their shift already, the building was packed with workers, CBS News said.

The building housed five different garment factories, a bank and shops, CNN said.

On Tuesday, cracks in the building structure were noticed, and the bank called its employees off of work, and the shops were closed due to a strike. Garment workers were told to come in, even though the owners knew of the problems in the building's structure, CNN said.

This was the worst tragedy to hit the garment industry in Bangladesh, and shined a spotlight on the poor working conditions for the employees. Most employees were working for about $38 a month and were producing brand name clothing CBS News said.

Massive blocks of concrete crushed most of the victims after the 8-story structure crumbled to the ground, CBS News said.

The Bangladesh army brought in heavy machinery to tear through to concrete in an attempt to save the living. Many people including troops and volunteers are using bare hands and rusty saws to find the survivors, CNN said.
As of Saturday the death toll stands at 378. ***To be updated

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