Boston Bombing Suspects Located: Notable

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One suspect is dead, and the other in critical condition on Saturday after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is 19-years-old. He was shot in the throat on Friday, and is now unable to speak. Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and other authorities said they might never be able to interview him, the Chicago Tribune said.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev is the older brother of Dzhokhar. Tamerlan died after a shootout with police on Friday in Watertown, Mass., the New York Times said.

Tamerlan made a trip to Northern Russia. He visited Chechnya and Dagestan, which are Muslim republics, and both of the regions have active militant separatist movements. The trips made by Tamerlan signified to the FBI that he might be linked to extremist groups in the region, the New York Times said.

After Tamerlan returned from Russia, the FBI interviewed him because the Russian security services believed he followed radical Islam. At that time the FBI did not find any signs of terroristic activity. The FBI is now also in question, the Chicago Tribune said.

Tamerlan's mother said that he had been under FBI surveillance for years, and his uncle said he had noticed a change in Tamerlan's religious beliefs in 2009, the Chicago Tribune said.

Dzhokhar became a naturalized American citizen last year, and Tamerlan was still working toward citizenship. The two men's father said Tamerlan visited Russia last year to renew his passport, the New York Times said.

Dzhokar was at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center on Sunday, and his announcement on charged could come late Sunday, U.S Attorney Carmen Ortiz said.

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