Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Remains in Hospital, Unable to Speak: Analysis

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This story done by the Chicago Tribune is about two men from Russia, who unfortunately follow the stereotype for terrorists.

Dzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are from Russia and have the same look as middle-eastern terrorists.

Dzokhar and Tamerlan were both born in Russia and have lived in the United States for a number of years. Dzohkar had become a naturalized citizen last year. Tamerlan was working toward citizenship. He was unable to gain citizenship because of a suspicious trip to Russia a little over a year ago.

This article began by depicting the injuries the surviving suspect, Dzokhar is currently sustaining.

It moved into what Dzokhar's criminal charges will be. It also discussed how Dzokhar will be defended in trial by a federal public defender.

It then went into how the suspects were located. Older brother, Tamerlan, was shot in a police shootout on Friday, and Dzokhar was found a few hours later "cowering in a boat in a backyard in Watertown."

The article then talked about the Tamerlans suspicious trip to Russia and why it was significant. It went into family history and their family's emigration to the United States ten years ago.

The article went in depth on each part that was significant about the bombings. It talked about the criminal trial; it gave detailed information, and allowed the reader to see that even naturalized citizens of the United States can commit heinous crimes.

The article did a good job shading stereotypes of the culture. Although the two men went with the stereotypical grain of terrorists, it showed that not all people from that region are interested in hurting America. It showed the Tsarnaeva family supported America and they were open and willing to talk to the media and the government about their suspicions with the boys, and why they think the two brothers planted the bombs.

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