George W. Bush Library: Analysis

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After the opening of George W. Bush's library, many people wrote about it, but in my opinion, few did it as well as the Los Angeles Times.

There were five presidents at the gathering; almost all of them had something to say about the opening of the library. The reason why I chose to write on this for my speech analysis was because so many people spoke at one time.

The reporter used a few quotes from the different president's speeches, but the quotes were not the bulk of her story.

She used quotes from almost everyone who spoke and it really added to the story. In the first two paragraphs she prefaced the scene and used a quote from President George W. Bush.

She then wrote about how Obama spoke about supporting President Bush and his new library.

The author then talked about the minor speeches given. George H.W. Bush just gave a brief thank you and a God Bless America. While President Clinton spoke about how even though democrats and republicans may have their disagreements it makes this country great.

The last few paragraphs of the story were quotes from President Bush, with many descriptions of what him and the others looked like at the ceremony. It uses words like "smiled," "joked," and "wiping away a tear," which really made the story come to life.

It ended with a quotation from one of the few "average Joes" who attended the ceremony, which I thought was a good way to wrap up the story, since there were so many different aspects of it.

All in all the article was informative and interesting to read but I think a little bit of chronology would have added to this story. It got a bit confusing because at one point President Obama was giving a speech then it was President Clinton, then it was President Bush, then it was President George H.W. Bush, and then back to President Obama and President Bush again. Since there were so many speakers there needed to be a little more order.

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