Manhunt for Faribault Man Ends: Local News

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An allegedly armed and dangerous Faribault man stabbed his girlfriend on Saturday, and was on the loose until Sunday night.

On Saturday afternoon an abandoned car was found on the west side of the Faribault police station. It belonged to 27-year-old Shane Wilson, CBSsaid.

Inside Wilson's car the police found an unresponsive woman and two children. The children were not hurt but the woman had been stabbed multiple times. She is currently hospitalized at District One Hospital in Faribault, and she underwent surgery upon arrival, the Star Tribune said

The woman and a witness confirmed with the police that she was stabbed during a domestic argument, CBS said. Her identity has not been released.

The Star Tribune said Wilson ran from the police for a little under 24 hours. A citizen detected Wilson in a field. When the police captured him he had hypothermia and was covered in mud, the Faribault Police Chief said. Wilson was taken to the hospital.

Investigators believed Wilson stole a car to flee the crime scene. About a half an hour after the incident police received a call about a stolen Chevrolet Impala, CBS said.

The Impala was engulfed in flames in Steel County about an hour later. The cause of the fire is under investigation and the vehicle was empty when the police and fire department arrived, CBS said.

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