Monster Sues City of San Francisco: National News

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Monster Beverage is suing San Francisco's city attorney because of the city's demands that the company reduce the amount of caffeine in its energy drinks and stop marketing to minors, Huffington Post said.

Monster believes it's being unfairly singled out by City Attorney Dennis Herrera. Last year, Herrera asked Monster to produce document showing its energy drinks are safe, CBS said.

Herrera said in his letter that three cans of Monster amount to 480 mg of caffeine, or about five times the recommended maximum for adolescents. It is also 400 mg more per day than the FDA has said is safe for adults, the Huffington Post said.

Some brands of coffee contain more caffeine than Monster's energy drinks. Herrera said that coffee is typically served hot and therefore consumed slowly. Herrera also said energy drinks companies market to youth and encourage them to drink energy drinks in large quantities, the Huffington Post said.

The suit was filed in the Central District of California with the U.S. District Court, CBS said.

Energy drink companies are currently under fire due to the FDA investigation reports of deaths linked to them. The FDA discovered the reports do not directly prove the drinks caused the deaths, Huffington Post said.

Energy drinks have surged in popularity and in 2011, sales for energy drinks rose by nearly 17 percent according to Beverage Digest, CBS said.

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