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Holland got its first king in over 100 years on Tuesday.

King Willem Alexander, 46, is the first Dutch king since Willem III in 1890, USA Today said.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated the throne in favor of her son, Willem-Alexander, USA Today said.

Queen Beatrix, 75, who spent 33 years as queen, stood down from the throne at a ceremony at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam on Tuesday, USA Today said.

In his first speech as king, Alexander promised to continue his mother's course of action for the Netherlands. He stressed the need to respect diversity, and ensured everyone, despite his or her backgrounds, be granted an equal voice, the New York TImes said.

In his speech, Alexander also acknowledged the economic strife the country has faced, as citizens struggle with the third recession since 2009, the New York Times said.

As Willem-Alexander was formally sworn in, cheers erupted from the audience. Most for the new king, and some for his new queen, Argentine born, Maxima, who is said to have brought glamour and romance to the otherwise frumpy royal family, the New York Times said.

Opinion polls show support for the monarchy in the Netherlands, the New York Times said.

"Some moments ago I abdicated from the throne," Queen Beatrix said while nearing the end of the swearing in ceremony. "I am happy and thankful to present to you your new king."

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