Tainted Meth Sends 14 to Hospitals in East Metro: Analysis

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This article on tainted meth by the Star Tribune caught my eye, because I thought to myself "isn't all meth tainted?"

Star Tribune started the article without any sort of lead. The article jumped right into "more than a dozen people to the hospital in less than 24 hours," and also added what the side effects of the tainted meth were.

The story goes on to quote the Sheriffs Department spokesperson Randy Gustafson. Gustafson talked about what part of the metro area the victims were coming from and gave some statistics about the number of people who, on a typical day, enter the hospital on drug-related cases such as these ones.

The article also addressed my counter to the idea of "tainted meth," stating meth is already a highly addictive and extremely dangerous drug, and tainting it made it much more dangerous.

The article also talks about location, and the victims of the tainted meth have only been found in the east metro, no victims have been reported elsewhere.

This article is a mix between a breaking news story and it is a time-sensitive piece, but it also used quotes from the spokesperson, and added his standpoint to the article. Most of the article used what Gustafson had said, so although it also wasn't a profile piece, it allowed a response to the situation from a professional standpoint.

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This was a thoughtful analysis, Maggie, but nonetheless you seem a little conflicted on how you feel about this story. You effectively describe the story and its pros and cons, but, in the end, don't really say whether you think the piece was effectively written.

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