Thousands of Ladybugs Released in Mall of America: Local News

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Some 72,000 ladybugs were released--on purpose--inside the Mall of America in an attempt to save the mall's natural greenery.

The Mall of America has more than 30,000 live plants, and about 400 trees. The plants act as natural air purifiers, Discovery Newssaid.

The ladybugs were released to attack aphids, which feed on the mall's plants. The aphids thrive inside the landscaped areas in the mall. The ladybugs were released as an alternative to pesticides, Discovery news said.

Some Mall of America visitors complained about the bugs infesting the food court, but according to a mall spokesperson, the bugs only live on plants, and live for about two weeks, the International Business Times said.

The mall has been releasing the ladybugs for years, and there has yet to be a takeover, the International Business Times said.

The Mall of America is green. It converts the mall's restaurants fryer fat into biodiesel fuel for the mall's security vehicles. It also doesn't have a heating system. It uses solar heat from 1.2 miles of skylights, Discovery News said.

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