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New King of Netherlands: International News

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Holland got its first king in over 100 years on Tuesday.

King Willem Alexander, 46, is the first Dutch king since Willem III in 1890, USA Today said.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated the throne in favor of her son, Willem-Alexander, USA Today said.

Queen Beatrix, 75, who spent 33 years as queen, stood down from the throne at a ceremony at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam on Tuesday, USA Today said.

In his first speech as king, Alexander promised to continue his mother's course of action for the Netherlands. He stressed the need to respect diversity, and ensured everyone, despite his or her backgrounds, be granted an equal voice, the New York TImes said.

In his speech, Alexander also acknowledged the economic strife the country has faced, as citizens struggle with the third recession since 2009, the New York Times said.

As Willem-Alexander was formally sworn in, cheers erupted from the audience. Most for the new king, and some for his new queen, Argentine born, Maxima, who is said to have brought glamour and romance to the otherwise frumpy royal family, the New York Times said.

Opinion polls show support for the monarchy in the Netherlands, the New York Times said.

"Some moments ago I abdicated from the throne," Queen Beatrix said while nearing the end of the swearing in ceremony. "I am happy and thankful to present to you your new king."

Bangladesh Building Collapses: International News

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A commercial building collapsed in Bangladesh on Wednesday, and the death tolls continue to rise.

It was Wednesday morning, and most garment workers had come in for their shift already, the building was packed with workers, CBS News said.

The building housed five different garment factories, a bank and shops, CNN said.

On Tuesday, cracks in the building structure were noticed, and the bank called its employees off of work, and the shops were closed due to a strike. Garment workers were told to come in, even though the owners knew of the problems in the building's structure, CNN said.

This was the worst tragedy to hit the garment industry in Bangladesh, and shined a spotlight on the poor working conditions for the employees. Most employees were working for about $38 a month and were producing brand name clothing CBS News said.

Massive blocks of concrete crushed most of the victims after the 8-story structure crumbled to the ground, CBS News said.

The Bangladesh army brought in heavy machinery to tear through to concrete in an attempt to save the living. Many people including troops and volunteers are using bare hands and rusty saws to find the survivors, CNN said.
As of Saturday the death toll stands at 378. ***To be updated

The U.S., its allies, and citizens of Venezuela are demanding a recount after the elections granted Chavez' prodigy, Nicolas Maduro presidency.

CNN said the candidates were Nicolas Maduro and Henrique Capriles Radonski. Maduro won by a margin of less than 2 percent.

On the voting day in Venezuela, which was last Sunday, 79 percent of registered voters went to the polls. Maduro won by over 260,000 votes, or about 1.6 percent of the votes, the Huffington Post said.

In Venezuela a manual recount is impossible. In 1999, Veneuzelan Chief Justice Luisa Estella Morales eliminated manual recounts in favorite of a "system audit," CNN said.

The system audit is a completely automated counting device used in Venezuelan polls, CNN said.

The late President Hugo Chavez chose Maduro to be his successor before his death in March. This election divided Venezuela even further, because of the tight election results and the inability to do a recount, CNN said.

According to Venezuela's state-run news agency, eight people have been killed in violence due to the election results. The news agency also reported that 135 had been arrested because of the political violence, CNN said.

The Huffington Post said the U.S. isn't giving into the election results without a recount. They will not recognize the elections until the recount is done.

Margaret Thatcher Dies: International News

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Margaret Thatcher, known as the "Iron Lady" because of her firm hand in British Politics, died on Monday in London. She was 87.

Thatcher was the first woman prime minister of Britain. She also was the first to lead a major Western power in modern times. As a member of the Conservative Party, she won three straight elections and held office for 11 years from May 1979 to November 1990, the New York Times said.

In her government, she made several state-owned industries private. She also had a year-long stand-off with unions during the Miners' strike which lasted form 1984-1985. Her power expanded to the war that followed Argentina's invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982, BBC said.

Thatcher survived an assassination attempt in 1984, where the IRA bombed the Brighton Grand Hotel, where she had been staying for an annual conference for the Conservative Party, BBC reported.

Thatcher was born Margaret Roberts in 1925. She studied chemistry at Oxford University and married Denis Thatcher, a businessman, in 1951. She had two children, twins, Mark and Carol born in 1953.

The New York Times said she died of a stroke at the Ritz Hotel, where she had been staying after she had been discharged from the hospital. She had been in poor health for several months, and suffered from dementia.

Princess Cristina of Spain was subpoenaed on Wednesday, after her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin was found embezzling millions of euros.

Princess Cristina is the youngest daughter of King Juan Carlos, and she is the first person in Spain's royal family to be called before court in modern-day Spain, the New York Times said.

Princess Cristina is suspected to be an accomplice in her husbands embezzling, Wall Street Journal said

Her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, had a not-for-profit sports events consultancy, he diverted millions of euros into public funds that were supposed to go towards the not for profit to for-profit companies and offshore accounts controlled by him and his associates, Wall Street Journal said.

Urdangarin maintains that he is innocent, the New York Times said.

Princess Cristina will appear in court of April 27. Spanish law states that only the king is granted complete immunity from prosecution, the New York Times said.

Spain has faced many other accusations in recent months.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, whose treasurer, Luis Bárcenas, was accused of hiding millions in secret bank accounts in Switzerland. Prosecutors are also investigations allegations about Bárcenas. The allegations claim that he ran a secret fund, and made illegal payments from it to Rajoy and other conservation Spaniards, New York Times said.

New York Times also reported, the king has lost popular majority in Spain, and 45 percent of respondents to a Conservative newspaper said they wanted King Juan Carlos to pass the crown to his son, Prince Felipe.

A Brazilian doctor was charged with killing seven patients to free up some space in a hospital, CNN reported Thursday.

Virginia Helena Soares de Souza killed seven, and may have been responsible for up to 300 deaths according to a Health Ministry Investigator, New York Daily News said.

De Souza was arrested and charged last month on seven separate counts of aggravated first-degree murder, New York Daily News said.

De Souza allegedly recruited other doctors to administer lethal doses of anesthetics, sedatives and painkillers. Seven of her associates have been charged in the case as well, CNN said.

De Souza did not prescribe the drugs herself, but ordered other doctors to alter mechanical ventilation devices or increase prescriptions--such as muscle relaxants--to a lethal level. Most patients would die from asphyxiation, CNN reported and New York Daily News said.

New York Daily News said that in some cases, De Souza wasn't even in the hospital, and gave instructions over the phone on how to end a patient's life.

Investigations will continue, and new cases are expected to emerge upon further exploration of medical records of patients who have died in the past seven years at the hospital where De Souza was the head of the intensive care unit, New York Daily News said.

New York Daily News added that if prosecutors are able to prove that De Souza killed 300 patients, it could be one of the world's worst serial killings, resembling Harold Shipman's case. Shipman was the English doctor who has charged with killing 215 patients.

New Pope Rises: International Story

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New Pope, Francis, rises after Pope Benedict XVI steps down.

Pope Francis, 76, is the first Pope since the 8th century to come somewhere other than Europe, and the first pope to come from the Americas, CNNand the New York Times said. His name, Pope Francis, is also a first. The Pope chose this name to honor St. Francis of Assisi, who was known as a servant to the poor, CNN said.

Pope Francis, also known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio born of Italian immigrants, was raised in Argentina, The New York times said.

According to the New York Times, Pope Francis' predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI was the first pontiff in almost 600 years to resign. Pope Francis and Pope Benedict have similarities, they both hold extremely traditional values.

Pope Francis, known as a humble, simple, and even a normal man, according to CNN, will face many challenges. The Catholic Church is currently facing cynicism for Sexual Abuse by priests, and CNN added, corruption is also among the problems that need to be addressed by the new Pope.

Hugo Chavez Dies: International Story

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Hugo Chavez has been battling cancer for over two years, and died Tuesday.

The 58-year-old Venezuelan President hasn't been seen publicly since he underwent his fourth surgery to remove some of the cancer, according to CNN

Chavez has been the Venezuelan president for 14 years. Rep. Mike Rogers, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said this after the news of the death of the Venezuelan leader "Hugo Chavez was a destabilizing force in Latin America, and an obstacle to progress in the region. I hope his death provides an opportunity for a new chapter in U.S.-Venezuelan relations," Rogers told CBS

Chavez is a leader known by the U.S. for polarization and close relations with Cuba, CNN reports. He decreased poverty in Venezuela, and worked to centralize the country's oil supply. A problem that remained unsolved under the Chavez administration was crime. The homicide rate has in the past 14 years, CBS said.

Chavez leaves behind four children, and three grandchildren (CBS).

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