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Alcohol Sales at Lake Harriet: Local News

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Wine and beer is likely to be legalized during summer music shows on Lake Harriet.

The City Council regulatory committee voted on Monday to approve a wine and beer license at the Bread & Pickle, an eatery abutting the band shell on Lake Harriet. It is expected to receive approval from the full council on May 10, the Star Tribune said.

Some city officials say they want to limit liquor sales to just the back patio of Bread & Pickle, KSTPsaid.

Other people say that limiting the sales to the back patio isn't smart. It would make drinking beer or wine at the actual band shell, illegal, KSTP said.

The Linden Hills Neighborhood Council approved the license application, the Star Tribune said.

Two other park/lake eateries, Sea Salt at Minnehaha Falls and Tin Fish at Lake Calhoun, already serve alcohol.

Bread & Pickle owner, Kim Bartmann said it would likely take four to six weeks after approval before the eatery can start serving, the Star Tribune said.

Some 72,000 ladybugs were released--on purpose--inside the Mall of America in an attempt to save the mall's natural greenery.

The Mall of America has more than 30,000 live plants, and about 400 trees. The plants act as natural air purifiers, Discovery Newssaid.

The ladybugs were released to attack aphids, which feed on the mall's plants. The aphids thrive inside the landscaped areas in the mall. The ladybugs were released as an alternative to pesticides, Discovery news said.

Some Mall of America visitors complained about the bugs infesting the food court, but according to a mall spokesperson, the bugs only live on plants, and live for about two weeks, the International Business Times said.

The mall has been releasing the ladybugs for years, and there has yet to be a takeover, the International Business Times said.

The Mall of America is green. It converts the mall's restaurants fryer fat into biodiesel fuel for the mall's security vehicles. It also doesn't have a heating system. It uses solar heat from 1.2 miles of skylights, Discovery News said.

Manhunt for Faribault Man Ends: Local News

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An allegedly armed and dangerous Faribault man stabbed his girlfriend on Saturday, and was on the loose until Sunday night.

On Saturday afternoon an abandoned car was found on the west side of the Faribault police station. It belonged to 27-year-old Shane Wilson, CBSsaid.

Inside Wilson's car the police found an unresponsive woman and two children. The children were not hurt but the woman had been stabbed multiple times. She is currently hospitalized at District One Hospital in Faribault, and she underwent surgery upon arrival, the Star Tribune said

The woman and a witness confirmed with the police that she was stabbed during a domestic argument, CBS said. Her identity has not been released.

The Star Tribune said Wilson ran from the police for a little under 24 hours. A citizen detected Wilson in a field. When the police captured him he had hypothermia and was covered in mud, the Faribault Police Chief said. Wilson was taken to the hospital.

Investigators believed Wilson stole a car to flee the crime scene. About a half an hour after the incident police received a call about a stolen Chevrolet Impala, CBS said.

The Impala was engulfed in flames in Steel County about an hour later. The cause of the fire is under investigation and the vehicle was empty when the police and fire department arrived, CBS said.

Tainted Meth Sends 14 to Hospital: Local News

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Over a dozen people have been taken to the hospital due to a bad batch of meth, the Ramsey County Sherriff's Department said on Friday.

The Sheriff's Department spokesman, Randy Gustafson, said hospitals typically see one overdose per day, CBS said.

The symptoms of the tainted meth are high fevers, high anxiety, and extreme hallucination, CBS said.

TheStar Tribune reported, the temperatures reported by the victims have been as high as 105 degrees; these conditions are not typically seen in regular meth users, Gustafson said.

The victims have all come from the east metro area, including St. Paul, Roseville, Maplewood, and Cottage Grove. They have been treated either at Regions or United Hospital in St. Paul, the Star Tribune said.

The Star Tribune said, the increase in hospital visits has not happened in Hennepin County, Gustafson said. He also said there are probably many more people who have smoked the tainted meth, and there are probably a lot of unreported cases.

One St. Paul citizen who was under the influence of the drug jumped off a second-story building because he believed he could fly, Gustafson said in the Star Tribune.

CBS said the Ramsey County sheriff's office said they did not want to arrest anyone; they just wanted to ensure the users' safety.

CBS said deputies were provided a sample of he meth, and the meth will be tested.

After slitting his three daughters' throats last July, Aaron Schaffhausen plead guilty, but insane at the time of the slaying on Thursday.

Two of people who knew Schaffhausen well testified against him during the trial, Schaffhausen's ex-wife, Jessica, and cousin Liz, CBS said.

Liz testified that she called Schaffhausen in March 2012, four months before he killed his daughters, to check on his well being after he posted inappropriate comments on Facebook. She also said she called to check up on his depression, Pioneer Press said.

Pioneer Press said, Liz testified that while on the phone that fateful evening, she asked if Shaffhausen was feeling suicidal. She told the court his response to her question was, "No, I don't feel suicidal; I feel homicidal."

Schaffhausen's ex-wife also testified. She told the court about life after their divorce, telling the court Shaffhausen would call her 30 times a day, CBS said.

After the call with Liz, in March of 2012, Aaron called Jessica. She testified, "He wanted to drive down there [River Falls, Wis.], tie me up, and make me choose which child to kill as I watched while he killed them. He wanted to hurt me as much as I hurt him," CBS said.

CBS said, Jessica testified that Shaffhausen's behavior and depression seemed to have improved throughout July. Jessica said she wouldn't see him, but that he could see his daughters. She said Shaffhausen called her later that on July 10, and said, "you can come home now, I killed the kids."

Shaffhausen showed no emotion throughout the trial, CBS said.

Two Escape from Duluth Prison: Local News

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Two men in their 60s escaped a minimum security prison in Duluth, Minn., on Saturday.

Star Tribune said Michael Krzyzaniak and Gerald Greenfield will face additional years of incarceration if they are apprehended.

The two men were discovered missing around10 p.m. on Saturday evening during a scheduled prisoner count, Star Tribune said.

Krzyzaniak has served three years of his 12-year prison sentence. Krzyzaniak promoted development projects that never began. He pleaded guilty in 2011 to wire fraud and tax evasion, which caused investors to lose nearly $26 million, Star Tribune reported.

Krzyzaniak is a 64-year-old white male with brown hair and hazel eyes, he is 6'0" tall and weighs about 200 pounds, Kare 11 said.

Greenfield has served two years of his four-year sentence. He was convicted for conspiracy to commit money laundering. He helped one of the developers of the Sexton Lofts in Minneapolis scheme a $2.5 million mortgage fraud, Star Tribune said.

Greenfield is 67-years-old with blond hair and blue eyes. He is a white male, stands 5'9" and weighs 150 pounds, Kare 11 said.

The Duluth minimum-security prison has a gym, a movie theater, and food service with a salad bar, Star Tribune said. It houses other white-collar criminals, like Denny Hecker, Star Tribune said.

Krzyzaniak and Greenfield must have wanted to retreat to their lavish lifestyles, which included chartered jets, multi-million dollar homes in Laguna Beach, and expensive vehicles such as Mercedes Benz.

North Dakota Approves Strict Abortion Laws: Local News

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On Friday, North Dakota moved forward with adopting the most restrictive abortion laws in the United States.

The laws will ban abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, or when a heartbeat is detected, and another law which will prohibit women from receiving an abortion if the fetus has a genetic defect, Star Tribune said.

Groups including the Center for Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood, and the American Civil Liberties warned the lawmakers that their measures would be deemed unconstitutional, the New York said.

In the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade, the courts ruled a woman has a right to an abortion until the fetus is 24 weeks old, or viable outside the womb, the New York Times reported.

The new bill outlaws abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected using "standard medical procedures." Heartbeats of a fetus can be detected at about six weeks using a transvaginal ultrasound, or at about 12 weeks when using abdominal ultrasounds, the New York Times noted.

The senate approved the fetal heartbeat bill 26-17; and the house approved it 63-28, they approved the genetic abnormalities bill 27-15, and the house was 64-27, the Star Tribune said.

Two Minneapolis Churches Burglarized: Local News

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Burglars stole valuable belongings from two South Minneapolis churches between 8 p.m. Friday, March 1, and 7 a.m. Saturday, March 2.

Minneapolis police are now advising religious institutions to be attentive to security after the two churches were robbed of valuable electronics and musical equipment. The Minneapolis Police Department offered a list of security tips for religious institutions.

A set of 10 musical instruments called "singing bowls," as well as computer equipment and electronics were stolen, Star Tribune reported.

Star Tribune said, the singing bowls were stolen from Living Spirit Methodist Church, and the computer equipment and electronics were stolen from St. James Episcopal Church.

The two churches, St, James Episcopal Church on Minnehaha Pkwy., and Living Spirit Methodist Church on Bloomington Ave., both showed forced entry, according to My Fox Twin Cities

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