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Kidnapped Women in Cleveland Rescued: National News

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Monster Sues City of San Francisco: National News

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Monster Beverage is suing San Francisco's city attorney because of the city's demands that the company reduce the amount of caffeine in its energy drinks and stop marketing to minors, Huffington Post said.

Monster believes it's being unfairly singled out by City Attorney Dennis Herrera. Last year, Herrera asked Monster to produce document showing its energy drinks are safe, CBS said.

Herrera said in his letter that three cans of Monster amount to 480 mg of caffeine, or about five times the recommended maximum for adolescents. It is also 400 mg more per day than the FDA has said is safe for adults, the Huffington Post said.

Some brands of coffee contain more caffeine than Monster's energy drinks. Herrera said that coffee is typically served hot and therefore consumed slowly. Herrera also said energy drinks companies market to youth and encourage them to drink energy drinks in large quantities, the Huffington Post said.

The suit was filed in the Central District of California with the U.S. District Court, CBS said.

Energy drink companies are currently under fire due to the FDA investigation reports of deaths linked to them. The FDA discovered the reports do not directly prove the drinks caused the deaths, Huffington Post said.

Energy drinks have surged in popularity and in 2011, sales for energy drinks rose by nearly 17 percent according to Beverage Digest, CBS said.

George W. Bush Library: National News

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The George W. Bush presidential library opened on the Southern Methodist University Campus in Dallas on Thursday.

An estimated 10,000 people attended the opening. The library cost about $250 million dollars. It houses 43,000 artifacts, 70 million pages of paper records and 200 million emails. It has the largest digital archive of any president library, the Los Angeles Times said.

There are 14 presidential libraries and museums. The construction and opening were paid for by private funds. About $500 million was raised for Bushes new library. U.S. taxpayers will pay for upkeep, CBS News said.

All of the living ex-presidents attended the opening, including Obama, who openly campaigned against Bush's moves in his presidency, the Los Angeles Times said.

Admission will be $16 when the library opens to the public on May 1, the Los Angeles Times said.

Boston Marathon Bombing: National News

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Pressure cooker bombs, made of battery packs and circuit boards caused the explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

The two bombs set off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed three people, and injured 176 others, some of who lost limbs. Of the victims, 17 were in critical condition, Chicago Tribune said.

The bombs consisted of explosive black powder or smokeless powder, shrapnel, BBs and pieces of nails, packed inside of a pressure cooker, NBC said.

Law enforcement officials said the contents inside do not create a 'blast wave' effect. The 'blast wave' effect often causes fatal injuries and serious blast damage, such as broken windows. Although the devices used were of a lower power, they still have the power to propel shrapnel great distances, and can still injure and kill many people, NBC said.

The bombs were allegedly transported to the Boston marathon placed inside of black nylon backpacks or sacks, NBC said.

The Chicago Tribune said, President Obama deemed the twin bombings an "act of terror" on Tuesday, and security has been heightened throughout the rest of the nation.

There are no suspects in custody, and no one had claimed responsibility for the acts yet. The U.S. Homeland Security Secretary said the bombs blasts were not likely to be part of a broader terrorist act, the Chicago Tribune said.

Kobe Bryant Injured: National News

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Kobe Bryant will be out for months after tearing his Achilles tendon in a game against the Golden State Warriors on Friday.

Bryant has already had surgery to repair the torn Achilles tendon in his left foot, CNNsaid.

Kobe is out for the rest of the basketball season but is planning on returning for next season. He has played 16 seasons and is 34-years-old, CNN said.

Bryant is one of the Los Angeles Lakers' leading scorers. He scored 34 points, despite tearing his Achilles early in the second half of the game. He is the No. 3 scorer in the NBA this season, CBS said.

This is not Bryant's first injury. Last year, Bryant played in all but two games for the Lakers, despite a sprained ankle and many minor injuries, CBS said.

CBS said, the Los Angles Lakers count on Bryant's health. Next year, he will make more than $30 million in the final year of his contract.

CNN said despite Bryant's injury on Friday during the game, the Lakers went on to win the game 118-116. The Lakers will now play the Utah Jazz for the final Spot in the Western Conference playoffs.

Bryant averages 27.3 points a game, 5.6 rebounds, 6.0 assists, 1.36 steals, and an average play time of 38.6 minutes in 78 games, CNN said.

Lilly Pulitzer Dies: National News

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Lilly Pulitzer who was known for designing bold floral prints, and tropical dresses, died at her home in Florida on Sunday April 7. She was 81.

In 1959, Pulitzer opened a juice stand in Palm Beach and needed a dress that would hide the stains of orange and grapefruit juice, and with that the designs of Lilly Pulitzer began, the New York Times said.

In 1952 Lilly met her husband, Herbert Pulitzer Jr., and eloped that same year. They had three children, Liza, Minnie, and Peter. After five years Pulitzer returned to New York after what she said was a nervous collapse and a marriage that drove her crazy, the New York Times said.

After she returned to Florida she started selling the fruit and juice from her family's citrus groves, the New York Times said.

The New York Times reported Pulitzer divorced her first husband, Peter, and married Enrique Rousseau who had worked for her first husband.

Jackie Kennedy, while on a vacation, was photographed wearing Pulitzer's designs, and her career as a fashion designer then took off, CNN said.

Pulitzer's second husband, Enrique, died in 1993, and Lilly lived quietly in Palm Beach until her death, the New York Times said.

Her death was reported on the company's Facebook Page, CNN said.

New York Times said, "Lilly the lady as so much more than Lilly the label," Steven Stolman, a consultant of Pulitzer's designs said. "In reality, her persona was far more colorful than the clothes."

The first female to ever head the U.S Secret Service was named by President Obama on Tuesday.

Julie Pierson, a 30-year veteran of the Secret Service, will replace Mark Sullivan, who announced his retirement last month, the Los Angeles Times said.

Pierson has worked at the agencies in Miami and Orlando Fla. She currently works as chief of staff of the law enforcement agency that is best known for protecting the U.S. president, the Los Angeles Times said.

Mark Sullivan announced his retirement after some recent incidents for the agency, which involved 11 agents allegedly bringing prostitutes back to their hotel, while the agents were on assignment at the Summit of the Americas in Colombia, NBC News said.

The Los Angeles Times reported, the agency Pierson will head has more than 150 offices in the U.S. and throughout other countries. Her offices began by hiring employees who would fight counterfeiting of U.S. currency. Now her agents also protect national and visiting foreign leaders, secure national sites and events, and manage criminal investigations.

The Los Angeles Times said Julie Pierson joined the Secret Service in 1983 as a special agent. She rose through the ranks of the service and will now head it.

Girl Scout Cookie Order a $24,000 Hoax: National News

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Two Girl Scout troops in Portland Oregon thought they got the order of a lifetime--but an order of 6,000 girl scout cookie boxes, ended up being a hoax.

A company based in Hillsboro, Oregon, ordered $24,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies, but the person ordering the cookies was not even an employee of the company, KATU said.

The two Girl Scout troops didn't let that get them down.

Hundreds turned out this saturday. The girls held an event to sell the boxes at the Girl Scout offices Saturday morning and the cookies sold at a rate of 1,000 boxes per hour, KATU said.

The sales from the cookies will allow them to go to summer camp, and the "cookie credits" earned will allow them to attend, Komo News said.

A statement made by Girl Scout Spokeswoman Sarah Miller showed even the offices were surprised. She said, "I expected a few people to come down, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this many," KATU reported.

East Coast Shuts Down Due to Winter Weather

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Federal offices, schools, and transit shut down this Wednesday.

Hurricane Sandy nearly destroyed New Jersey and New York, and now Snow is causing disturbances in D.C and the Mid-Atlantic Region. The Office of Personnel Management decided at about 4 a.m. Wednesday morning to close all federal offices in the D.C area, according to the Washington Post

The federal offices were not the only ones who got a snow-day. Airlines canceled hundreds of flights before the snow had even started falling, The Washington Post reported.

A reported two feet of snow in some places has knocked out power for about 200,000 in Virginia and another 40,000 in New Jersey, Fox News said.

In D.C, 10 inches were forecast, and the snowflakes melted as quickly as they came due to warmer temperatures, Fox told readers.

They are still expecting more snow though, and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said at about 1 p.m. on Wednesday to Fox News, "Over the next 12 hours, as the storm chums up the coast quite slowly, we expect a lot more heavy wet snow, we expect heavy winds and that is a dangerous situation."

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