May 15, 2008

Mass Fatalities for Tim


I'm glad you are interested in providing input on this project. Again, if you just provide your comments in the word document using track changes, that would be best. I would be particularly interested in knowing what you think should be included in the "Feedback" that the player receives for the correct and incorrect choices. Also, identifying inaccuracies in wording or process would be helpful (do note that this is a ROUGH draft. At this point, I'm mostly making sure all the correct concepts are represented and will clean up the language later.)

I have attached the following items;

* Mass Fatalities Mission Script - this is what I would like your feedback on Download file
* Mass Fatalities ICS.ppt - this is the pictorial that I'm developing that describes how MF fits into the big picture (See task 1 in the script.) I'd love your input on this. Download file

* Here is a PDF version of our online training on which the player is being tested (online version is at This is a large file.
Download file

Some general background:
Final product will be an online dirty bomb scenario that serves 2 purposes:

* test concepts learned in our previous trainings on decontamination, personal protective equipment, mass fatalities, disaster mental health. (This section you are reviewing is particular to mass fatalities)
* Introduce new concepts relevant to applying these skills to a dirty bomb scenario

The target audience is local public health workers who may be involved in components of the response, so the training has less technical detail than what health care workers or public safety folks might receive.

Feel free to call me with any questions. If you could respond by May 21st that would be most helpful.



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