September 30, 2005

computer sabotage

at mctc, my computer is again acting very strange, I can feel some strange emf; my spreadsheet is not working properly.

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September 17, 2005

sleep dep.

I finally found a place to study all night so now I've messed up my sleep schedule again. I want to experience all-nighters in preparation for employment as a sleep tech. I was able to get some homework finished and my computer froze only a few times.

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September 13, 2005

why johnnie can't read and scheff can't do math

Sometimes something happens inside my head -- during many hours, not all--- that makes me not want to do math and chemistry ---because I feel as if this part of my brain is not available. When this feeling stops I immediately know I want to do the chemistry and math because it will be possible to concentrate on those things. This feeling is not the "brain swirlies" that sometimes still affect me but it is still a definite physical/physiological effect that lessens somewhat if I close my eyes but returns immediately upon opening them. (I can't learn much math or chemistry with my eyes closed.) It changes with location, time and I don't know what else. I really would rather be taking a short nap but this feeling seems to keep me awake and in a non-learning non-productive state. I often wait to comment upon such things in my blog, because after I make it public, something changes to cover it up, make me look like a liar or discredit me as insane; or, sometimes making it public results in something worse happening.

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September 11, 2005

in wilson library

On the way to the library I smelled something like a wood fire and in the commons area I felt something on my right breast after a woman slammed a book down on a table. My brain feels a little swirly for a few seconds, making thinking very difficult, then it stops "swirling".

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access to schedule

I am at the U and I cannot access my schedule for this semester.

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